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Editor-in-chief:      Dr. S.K. Sarangi, Principal Scientist

                               ICAR-CSSRI, RRS, Canning Town

Managing editor: Dr. T.D. Lama, Principal Scientist

                               ICAR-CSSRI, RRS, Canning Town



Foreign    Dr. Abdelbagi M Ismail, Regional Representative for Eastern and                                         Southern Africa, IRRI, Nairobi, Kenya
                 Dr. Manoranjan Mondal, Water Scientist, IRRI, Bangladesh 
                 Dr. Mohammed Mainuddin, Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO, Australia 
                 Dr. R K Singh, Program Leader, ICBA, Dubai

Indian      Dr. Anil R. Chinchmalapture, Head, ICAR-CSSRI, RRS, Bharuch
                 Dr. Biplab Saha, Principal Scientist, ICAR-NINFET, Kolkata
                 Dr. J.K. Sundaray, Head, ICAR-CIFA, Bhubaneswar
                 Dr. K. K. Satapathy, Former Director, ICAR-NINFET, Kolkata
                 Mr. S.K. Dutta, Former Principal Scientist, ICAR-CSSRI, RRS, Canning Town
                 Dr. Shishir Raut, Scientist (SS), ICAR-CSSRI, RRS, Canning Town
                 Dr. Souvik Ghosh, Professor, Viswabharati University


The INDIAN SOCIETY OF COASTAL AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH is happy to bring it to the attention of all workers and students a monograph on ‘Saline and Alkaline Soils and their Management’ has been published in november, 2001.

WHAT IS IT ABOUT? The monograph has been authored by very experienced workers in the field of soil salinity management with the primary objective to serve the research and field-level workers engaged in practical management of salt affected soils, at the same time, the students of both undergraduate and post-graduate standards to get informations to update their knowledge on the subject from academic and practical points of view. It is handy, though comprehensively prepared, with the latest of information for

  • Students of undergraduate and post-graduate level

  • Research workers to formulate and plan future programme

  • Field-level workers for diagnosis, characterization, and field


  • design for reclamation and management of salt affected soils


Rs. 100/- (within India) only plus postage & packing (Rs. 20/-) by ordinary post


US $5 (outside India) only plus postage & packing (US$) 2) by air mail

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